Do you ever find yourself saying, "There should be a word for that?" We've taken it upon ourselves to create a list of bibliocentric words and phrases that should be in common parlance.
  1. Read rage
    Aggressive behavior by a reader angered by a book's contents, often directed at the book itself.
  2. Bookclipse
    A phenomenon in which a book is so engrossing that it completely obscures one's perception of time.
  3. Pubnacious
    Inclined to quarrel readily about a book's merits.
  4. Shakesmeare
    To sully with flowery speech.
  5. Sentranced
    Captivated by a well-written sentence.
  6. Scroll mate
    An author with whom one has a profound and ancient connection.
  7. Shelf-righteous
    A feeling of superiority about one's bookshelf.
  8. Readultery
    The act of being unfaithful to one book by reading another concurrently.
  9. Perfictionist
    A fiction reader with exacting standards.
  10. Litmosphere
    1. The vast domain of the world's readers and writers 2. A lively literary mood permeating the air.
  11. Plothead
    A person who gets high on books daily.
  12. Readorable
    Exceedingly lovable while in the act of reading.
  13. Printrovert
    A person who favors the company of books to people