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Why she stopped traffic
  1. She gave great hair
  2. That face
  3. That smile, those eyes
I had to say goodbye after 18 years
  1. A calm being who loves you, breathing near you, is comforting
  2. My heart is better for years of twice daily mile plus walks
  3. I met my neighbors in 3 different communities because she was so cute
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  1. Listening to a sweet soft rain
  2. Enjoying a combustible cocktail
  3. Chillin in bed savoring fresh fruit
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This diner is a place where many of us have seen sun rise from one of those plastic booths. I would love to hear your Waffle House stories.
  1. They greet you with a hardy good morning and welcome to Waffle House
  2. Then the show starts
  3. The couple with the third wheel try to keep her in the mix but they just can't not touch each other
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  1. The truth that a small group of people committed to the belief that we are responsible for each other restores and strengthens me for the the next affront to humanity.
  2. "Suited" the documentary about a small taloring company that serves trans people, it is beautiful.
  3. The insight and power of the quote "fall in love with the problem, not the solution".
  4. Interculturalism is joyous!
  1. The quiche will fill up the big void in my belly
  2. The people who come in are from all over the world
  3. Chocolate
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Just experienced my first NOLA weekend that included the Red Dress "Run".
  1. Drink all you want just KEEP MOVING cause when you stop you will no longer be oriented to the vertical position
  2. Leave ALL judgement (and children) home
  3. FLATS!
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  1. Parent: Where'd you find that? Toddler: In the garbage can
  2. Parent to child: Don't you love airports? Everybody is on their way somewhere
  3. Ain't nutin' wrong wit' having a extra pilot on board
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  1. Folks traveling together stop talking to each other
  2. In the waiting are, the row of chairs create a little community and as each person enters they get the once over hoping the will be good community members
  3. When someone leaves, with the intent of returning, and someone takes their seat the rest of us are waiting to see what happens when the previous person returns.
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  1. You know she has hot sauce in her purse
  2. She came to the tournament because she has some business to attend to - GS#22
  3. The best in the world at what she does for 6 years plus! #1 for 300 weeks
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