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  1. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage being badasses without qualifying it
  2. Two whiny white dudes complaining constantly and qualifying how special they are
    I'm the Iron Fist! I'm the devil of Hell's Kitchen! NO ONE FUCKING CARES YOU TWATS
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Help guys I'm a compulsive shopper but also this is a treasure and I want to be Jenny Slate when I grow up
    Suggested by   @sar_marieee
  2. Yes
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  3. Why not?
    Suggested by   @darshnim
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The leather anniversary !
  1. Three homes
    Franklin, Hendersonville, Nashville
  2. Three roommates
    Kyle, Matt, Jacob
  3. Three Jobs
    Nordstrom, Freelance, Legislature
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  1. iPhone upgrade
    Oh 7 you are pretty and your case was free
  2. Grilled Cheese/Chocolate milkshake
    I will always turn to food
  3. A Room of One's Own
    It's like my reading list knew I would need support
  4. Landline
  1. Help I need clone club
  4. I can't believe it's over
Hey mr ragerrrrr
  1. Lilac candle
  2. Essie polish
  3. My skins the only thing that's thirsty
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  1. Dos Perros
  2. Cafe Le Crumb Carrot Cake
  3. Kitchenaid Mixer
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August 21st and Nashville is in the path of totality 🎶total eclipse of the earth 🎶
  1. Science is the coolest and we should make sure we pay attention to it since our world feels like it's burning around us
    This particular large orange mass of gas also has the potential to destroy us all! Okay I'll leave politics out of the rest of this just had to get one shot in
  2. NASA has a website for it and who doesn't love a countdown clock and science videos
  3. They have "eclipse party activities" and sweet sweet overviews of the actual science of the solar atmosphere that the eclipse helps us study!
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  1. Knit at home waiting for them to call
  2. Fuck the entire Vanderbilt student body
  3. 🙄
Idk where I'm going guys my nap didn't last long and my brain is fried plantains
  1. This week brought front and center some things about the root of my plane anxiety
    I've taken off and landed too many times for my liking this week. Which is normally once but when it happens to be ten times it's a little more prevalent on my mind.
  2. For some reason it seems like identifying the specific fear that causes the anxiety might help eliminate it? This in my completely unprofessional opinion. So I keep attempting to determine if it is more a fear of the plane and the pilot malfunctioning or is it a fear of death or dismemberment or well you get the point.
    I've had quite a bit of time to get into my own head and poke around because that never ends poorly.
  3. Partially it feels like a loss of control, an uninformed leap of faith in a human being you've never met or interacted with (not that my judgement is any good as is), and also YOU'RE IN A GIANT METAL TUBE IN THE SKY
    See this previous live listing of my flight issues on full display (yeah I'm going to link to myself are you really shocked) THOUGHTS I HAVE ON A PLANE
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