Not a playa I just crush a lot 👀
  1. His name was Ethan
    He was my boyfriend. Who kissed my best friend (our friendship survived). And married my second best friend (the blonde). The root of all trust issues is preschool
  2. JC Chavez
    He had camouflage pants and that smirk. My love had no bounds
  3. His name was Justin
    He gave me Pokemon cards once. Would later be identified as the worlds most boring human.
  4. Jess Mariano
    So tortured. The rookie smolder.
  5. Rob Lowe as Sam Seaborn
    So smart. So witty. He loved a law student/call girl for all the right reasons. He flirted perfectly. Replacing him with Will Bailey was the ultimate crime against my teenage hormones
  6. His name was... Well they all started with S for a while there
    They were garbage humans
  7. Sidney Crosby
    We are married. In my ideal reality.
  8. Flynn Rider
    I think I might have a type. And that type is handsome
  9. His name was Colin
    He was broad and beautiful but dumb as dirt. I named a snowman after him
  10. Ian Somerhalder
    THE smolder
  11. He who must not be named
    I had a weakness for lost causes and monosyllabic narcissists
  12. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Third rock from the sun to 10 things I hate about you to Hit Record 🔴 I love him for his mind guys I swear
  13. Chandler Bing
    Our awkward would be stuff of legend