1. It's been a year
  2. You're one of my longest relationships
    Is this cool or sad? I don't really care
  3. My first lists weren't strong or cohesive or on brand or anything like social media management rules I've been taught
  4. I was unemployed and needed a creative platform and you were here
    I was ready to explode from the pressures of freelance jobs and being 24 and "unsuccessful"
  5. The anonymity and the freedom and the community was overwhelmingly wonderful
  6. And though I haven't been to a meetup or made any outside text friends I feel like I know some of you and you know me
  7. And it's awesome
  8. A consistently positive, loving, encouraging social media platform
    Who has ever applied the term loving to Internet commenters. Ever.
  9. I'm so excited to see how you grow over the next year
  10. And to address next year's love note to our benevolent overlord @listbot
  11. 💙📝