1. First in line at 7AM
    Because coffee coffee coffee
  2. Walked because that's how the Gilmore Girls stay so thin
    You can't eat all that breakfast food and takeout without some form of exercise. Also alliteration is my fave.
  3. Used my cell phone because that's how you make Luke fall in love with you
    That and talking too much which I also had covered
  4. Took the table by the window with no shame because it was as close as I could come to pulling two together when by myself
  5. Reading choice
    I'd like to think Rory would take better care of her books than I do but mid twenties purses are unforgiving black holes of book abuse so maybe not?
  6. Shameless in my vanity
    Vicious trollop on my lips
  7. Oy with the poodles already!
    November 23 was my due date but clearly Max wouldn't have let me take the test because I was LATE.
  8. *edit
    There's a snap filter and now I'm done taking selfies I swear