Tarzan is coming out soon but the real bitch is Kerkovich. Happy Endings is on Hulu and the reason I give them my money is Jane Kerkovich-Williams. And Max in hibernation.
  1. The kerkobitch sisters are the television siblings I find most relatable
    Sorry @sar_marieee , you aren't as dumb as you are.
  2. Jane is also half of the best sitcom couple to ever grace television
    Fight me. This is also the best use of body glitter ever.
  3. She always has the proper response when something awkward has occurred
  4. She's the perfect older sister
    Her attempts to be supportive are only sabotaged by her type A issues and general fear for her sister's well being when allowed to make her own choices. So normal big sister stuff.
  5. 🔊🔉🔈🔇
    How is this show over.
  6. She's assertive. Confident. Kind of a drunk
    I mean personally it's tequila but she gets the point across.
  7. She was the real gift of Christmas
  8. She's smart. And knows how to connect with children
  9. She's sexually aggressive in the best way and owns it. They're Jane and Brad! They're Brad and Jane!
    This is an entire list in itself. Daddy likes a deep tuck.
  10. She's AHMAHZING
    Penny would agree.
  11. Oh Happy Endings, how hot and bright you burned.