1. Landing in San Jose after a nightmare of a flight and immediately losing all annoyance as I saw my best friend for the first time in years
  2. Meeting her boyfriend who is WONDERFUL
    Immediately talking to him like a family member because any walls I have get lost around Molly
  3. Seeing their fucking amazing house
    When did sunken living rooms go out of style can we bring that back omg so many windows tile everything mango tree and her pups!
  4. Her freak out over dog toys I brought
    They're expensive AF here and I brought them those crazy knotted ropes that will last an age
  5. The coffee
    God we are bad at coffee. For all our fancy brewing ways we can't touch just good coffee in Latin America
  6. The market
    Omg all the fruit and veggies and hot food and the colors and people and things and she knows I love sensory overload
  7. Going on an errand run for their chicken food and dog food and seeing the ravine in San Jose and her boyfriends kickass driving skills because omg what a nightmare
    She named them moose and squirrel and I'm dead now 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭
  8. Eating all the food from the market
    Grease lighting to my stomach don't care
  9. Walking around downtown and seeing where she used to walk every day, street vendors, historic buildings, human statues, amazing market that's been there since 1880 with a little baby mariachi singer (who hasnt been there the whole time how would that work) oh and AN ENTIRE COUNTRY WITHOUT POWER
    People went on pretty much the same it was a strange thing
  10. Going to Walmart 😂
  11. Going to the grocery store and eating spiralized mango with lemon
  12. So. Much. Food. For. Dinner.
  13. Yellowtailed Snapper that Dan caught and cooked (his kayak is rons dream)
  14. Sitting around talking and doing nothing in their kickass sunken living room
    Have I mentioned how into this I am?
  15. Eating the weird less slimy by super chewy fruit that you need to ask the name of
  16. Waking up at 4AM to fly on a puddle jumper to the beach
  17. Coffee fields out the window?
    I need to bring home all the coffee
  18. Shuttling to the resort and realizing that as different as things are some are universal
    (Street signs, rural roads, tipping people for services because you aren't a monster, tiny shops, passing traffic)
  19. Eating "traditional tico breakfast" and being stupid and ordering scrambled instead of over easy eggs because the language barrier still causes some panic
    Omg the fruit
  20. Sitting in the hammock on the porch seeing the Pacific Ocean
  21. Going to Coco Beach and running into the Pacific Ocean
  22. Looking at wooden goodies in the shops and finding my dad a wind chime he'll love
  23. Watching a toddler eyeball my friend and come directly at her
  24. Meeting all the honeymoon couples and pat introducing himself with "hey girls it's happy hour"
    Instant friends
  25. Letting Molly order for me because I'm an ignorant American who understands no Spanish
    Jesus Christ I need to get on this
  26. Yelling about the office because I'm too loud always
  27. Introducing one of the girls to list because she wants to be Dwight and Angela as a couples costume so she's our people
  28. Taking the bus down to octeal? I'll spell it right later and seeing my first volcanic sand beach
  29. Infinity pools without a view at the end of them seem silly?
  30. All of the best talks with my best friend
  31. Getting so nauseated by the shuttle ride back up the rocky dirt road hillside I had bluehole and wv flashbacks even though there were palm trees in sight
  32. The worlds prettiest sunset
  33. Beach morning at coco beach and singing while drinking lime juice, hot sauce, and imperial on the beach on the 4th of July
  34. Buying all the wooden trinkets for Brenda because she likes little goodies and they were so cute
    Wooden snowman with skis? Sure.
  35. Eating fish tacos again because I'm the worst and not adventurous
    Okay the menu was limited and pretty Americanized but still I could have been braver but MANGO SALSA
  36. The flight back to the mini San Jose airport and turbulence like whoa and wishing I had had three more beers before this happened
  37. The woman Molly saved who said to us "this isn't San Jose airport is it" and clearly wanted to be in the international airport but was like weirdly chill about being very far from it
    It was rush hour and Molly was bilingual superwoman and got her a cab for $25 bucks like a BOSS and saved her. Seriously kick ass
  38. Playing some wild card game that's fun but we couldn't seem to get the cards right to lie it was weird
  39. Meeting my best friends best friend here and having a shit ton in common. Also being initially referred to as "THE Mary"
    I'm trying to get her on list and she does a podcast! More as this develops
  40. Waking up far too early always
  41. Playing with the dogs and finishing the puzzle and skyping our moms at my uncles lake house while bff did WORK
  42. Eating deli turkey and cheese because we are still our mothers
  43. Road tripping through San Jose in her jeep and being impressed by her calm while driving, since everyone else seems aggressive and insane
    The guys selling popsicles and plantain chips in traffic were something
  44. Stopping at a seafood place and her laughing (in a nice way) at my face lighting up at artisanal beer
    Guys the packaging is what my dream future micro brew looks like
  45. Getting to the town outside the volcano and blowing over 100$ in the first shop because I found the perfect souvenir and couldn't help it
    It was half the price of the one in the beach town and hand painted with a hummingbird and flowers and I'm enamored. And I got everyone else's gifts and her favorite kind of coffee
  46. Hitting the grocery store and her saying "I'm craving alcohol" and knowing that was probably my fault
    She's a light drinker if at all and I'm... well I'm not.
  47. Hitting the hot springs and her drinking blueberries which excited her like I imagine artisanal beer excited me
  48. Being so tired after we just straight up crashed no dinner
  49. Sleeping like a goddamn rock and waking up feeling like a kid on a roadtrip
  50. THE COWS IN THE CLOUD FORREST! They have long ears and are so cute!
    I lost my mind. I love them.
  51. Rafting with Gustavo and Matias
    And inhaling all the water in actual Jurassic Park
  52. Fried plantains forever
  53. Helmets and life vests are no ones best look
  54. Seeing the "happy Indian" mountain/volcano and his boner being decent
  55. Almost getting a decent photo of the volcano
  56. Convincing Molly that I can in fact do strenuous physical activity despite my body's current outward appearance
    And no body like a best friends body because a best friends body RUNS MARATHONS AND TRIES NOT TO CALL YOU FAT
  57. Wandering tabacons hot springs by my lonesome on national kissing day
    Imma kiss my bruises to make them better STOP MAKING OUT HAPPY COUPLES
  58. Going to bed early every night because we are adults and we can!