1. Taylor Swift Lyrics
    You don't know about me, but I bet you want to.
  2. Yoda Speak
    Timely, it is. Worrisome, it is. Hiring potential, you have not.
  3. My mother says I'm special
    A short history of Martha provides for a storyline first paragraph. Followed by several complex complinsults she's said.
  4. My recipe for pumpkin muffins with an accompanying photo
  5. The one with all the puzzles
    Like Winnie the Bish I am really into puzzles. This would encapsulate all the analogies I could make about how my compulsive need to finish a puzzle in one sitting translates to me being a good employee in project manager. And talks about the various puzzles I've made over the years and their degrees of difficulty (from the marauders map to where's Waldo in Heinz field). Very clear representation of the worst aspects of my personality. Also PUZZLES
  6. Comic Sans