Such good intentions.
  1. "My friends aren't famous"
    A podcast where I interview people about their lives and how fucked up they are but with no obvious appeal because they aren't famous
  2. "How does it work?"
    Investigative articles on how things like radio, electricity, landlines, stovetops, etc work on the most basic level. So I'll know how to be useful in case of an apocalypse and because we use so much stuff no one seems to understand the basics of after 6th grade science.
  3. The lemon podcast
    @darshnim and I have so much to contribute to the world if only we would stop rewatching sitcoms
  4. The FUNeral
    Movie script I've written only the open to. Based on my grandmothers funeral and the aftermath in the (emotional and literal) bounce house
  5. Distance
    Sitcom about late 20-somethings who live in different cities but stay friends. Logistical nightmares and hilarity ensues. The Mindy Projects use of VO and text bubbles makes it seem possible to do without being clunky
  6. West Virginia down to Tennessee
    Overdue blog about the struggle of relocating (transferring ID, Apple map struggles, Betty the baptist) as well as tips and travels for tourist fun and local flavor. All while singing George strait to my computer
  7. Short stories with no beginnings
    A collection of unconnected short stories I've written from prompts over the years compiled into some semblance of order. Probably one self-published copy as a Christmas gift to my mother.
  8. Martha's Alzheimer's book
    She's wanted to write something about dealing with the disease from a nurse/ daughter perspective and I think she has such a unique voice to share with the world about it and could really change lives. So only the editor/creative sounding board on this one but it's the most important
  9. "The PUNNY movie"
    A movie made entirely of puns