1. As a child I never attended a midnight release party
    My parents weren't into it. They did ship the book to our very rural house once before online shopping was really a thing so don't think they in any way deprived me
  2. The announcement for Cursed Child underwhelmed me
    A script? Written with two other authors? Sounds like trumped up fanfic to me. But I'm on board
  3. But THEN
  4. My lovey goddess sisterwife wanted to attend a midnight release!
    I flipped! She's a gem
  5. Parnassus Books in Nashville is glorious and if you visit and like independent bookstores, GO. It's charming
  6. So we purchased our tickets, which were adorable
    Using it as a bookmark!
  7. And I fulfilled my lifelong dreams and made a robe
    Ilvermorny inspired
  8. And Rachel made us wands!
    And I rocked my mother's hogawarts backpack, my time turner, hedwig earrings and ravenclaw tie
  9. They had decorations and trivia and the movies playing and treats and so much themed wonderfulness
  10. S/O to my Hufflepuffs
    The owl balloons were INSPIRED
  11. And all the goodies to purchase !
    I have a puzzle problem but that's another list entirely
  12. Overkill? Maybe
    I think we look perfect for a Saturday night out on the town
  13. It was everything I dreamed and then I got to come home and read Harry Potter
    Oh Ron, how I've missed your bad jokes and ability to infuriate Hermione. GOD I MISSED THESE GUYS
  14. Important PSA : Go to pottermore and read about Ilvermorny and the North American history. Because fantastic beasts is soon and I expect you all to appreciate the authenticity of my costume