1. Outfit includes sparkle shoes, beauty and the beast tshirt, aurora LA Splash matte lip and my epic denim backpack
    I describe the shoes as SPARKLE SPARKLE MOTHHHAFUCKKKA though I've refrained today because children
  2. Shuttle to Monorail to Ferry
  3. Older sister on the bus told her younger sister "didn't you hear all the princesses called in sick today"
    🔥🔥🔥🔥little sister taunting I missed @sar_marieee too much at that moment
  4. Guy who checked my bag at the monorail said "have a good day princess" and I I cried a little
    He also didn't take my *applejuice™
  5. The ferry gives the best view entering a park and I met a little girl who "isn't into princesses" because animals are cooler (🙄) but liked my shoes and clearly didn't get the memo not to talk to strangers
    Her tomboy attitude made me think of 12 year old me and DISNEY YOU ALREADY STARTED WITH THE MAGIC.. Also she kept talking about how if alligators swarmed the boat we'd die but not in like a fearful way but like a "this is what my brain is thinking" and I get that girl
  6. Park Entrance
    Within two minutes was almost destroyed by a double stroller and saw a sobbing ADULT yell at her husband(?) so very secure in my choices
  7. Had to walk by the beast's castle before anything else so now I'm in the longest line for the seven dwarves
  8. Okay dwarves ride was cool but not worth that wait whoa
  10. Okay so this one wasn't great so I didn't selfie but I bought a thing that looks like a book and I'll go back later probably
    I've seen more chiseled guys at the dwarf ride
  11. Little mermaid ride was adorable RUP
  12. Ugh the little girls in the princess boutique kill me plz
  13. Random fireworks
  15. Did some shopping and the number of shy little girls who love my shoes is up to 6. One told me Elena is better than Elsa so now I have no idea what gift to get my little cousin
  16. In line for the haunted mansion @americson !
  17. Oh and I wasted a fast pass on Ariel so don't do that the ride was cool but the wait isn't long so yeah? This only 3 fastpass thing is dumb
  18. Y'all this humidity tho
  19. Coolest mouse ears I've seen so far have been the mad hatter ones
  20. And btw those things are impractical as hell everyone's ears are burning (the real ones)
  21. Notes for next time - wear short yellow dress and give no fucks this place is too humid to be concerned with decency
  22. How does your tavern not serve beer GASTON
  23. So haunted mansion is completely underrated and awesome
    My ghost blew up balloons for me
  24. Currently in line for guest services because I'm an idiot and put my ticket in my back pocket so trying to do this and be on time for my reservation
    But what would have been tragic in a group is pretty chill and keeping me in the AC right now
  26. So I had some reservations (yuckyuckyuck) after the initial walk in order part seemed a mess
  27. But guys. THE AMBIANCE
  28. THE FOOD
    Like ordering braised pork and mashed potatoes and green beans in this humidity seems dumb but I promised myself I would do it and I'm so glad I did because wow really they had so much time to perfect food when they were objects
    I was so worried it would break my heart but NOPEEEEEEE the dishes are right this is amazing
  30. I hustled for the right seat
  31. Now I'm about to go meet a coworker so idk if the title of this list still counts but it feels like it? Idk.
  32. Space mountain ride followed by splash mountain fast pass followed by thunder mountain fast pass because I finally dragged myself away from fantasyland
  33. Update: I prefer theme parking alone.
  34. So met my coworker right after be our guest and went on the teacups because that's a good idea after eating
  35. Which was fine a little odd but whatever
  36. Space mountain was just as cool as I remembered
  37. And then we sprinted over to adventureland and I have to tell you guys, I already missed my freedom and carelessness
  38. Being aware and nice to someone else at a theme park is WORK after a morning of just self indulgent wonder
  39. Splash mountain was the same weird nonsense I remembered
  40. Big Thunder - BIG FAN
    What a good old school roller coaster
  41. I fuckin murder coworker at the buzz lightyear ride by 600000 points. ZURG IS DEFEATED (commander commando is my new title I think I'm putting it on cards)
  42. I had never been on the people pusher and honestly it was one of my fave new things to do even though it's like from the 70s world fair or whatever
    Am I mixing up Disney lore?
  43. Oh! Missed Rapunzel's tower the first time I walked that way and was a little confused by the village until I went back and OMG. Disney's detail stuff is insane
  44. I'll finish this sometime soon so much happened but rn my feet and I are dead ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
  45. So the one perk of the second half of the day was someone to take my picture
  46. Static
  47. But the downside was having to do things I didn't want to and not being able to be early everywhere (this might have been my favorite part of being alone, I never felt rushed because I give myself farrrrrr too much time for things but I like it like that)
    Monsters Inc laugh floor should not make me late for fireworks (don't worry I bossy left the show because "you don't have to go but I am it's on my list") where if I had still been alone I probably would have gotten food and pulled up a seat in the perfect line of sight.
  48. The projector work they do on the castle is amazing and I'm going to talk to people at the conference this week about it
    (Omg I am here for work did anyone else remember?)
  49. Fireworks are always awesome
  50. Ran to the dwarves ride and let me tell you GO AT NIGHT.
    Completely different ride the best views of all the lit up castles just... moving
  51. Then wandered because IM NOT ASSERTIVE SOMETIMES and this is why I should have been alone
    He kept insisting he knew where a bathroom was let me tell you that loop was not short 🙄 also does not listen to camera direction STOP GETTING MY PORES
  52. Rode the ferry got a Lyft because omg feet. My blister is huge guys.
  53. So I have some thoughts that go beyond Disney and I hope you'll indulge me
  54. The only people that cared that I was by myself were... literally no one
    So that's a personal thing if you want to go somewhere fun you should get over. Because I'm so glad I did
  55. The amount of baseline effort it takes for me to interact with people I'm acquaintances with is more physically draining than previously imagined
    I feel like I'm constantly "on" and it's draining. So not only did fulfill a lifelong dream I internally examined a little part of myself I usually avoid.
  56. That being said, stranger interactions were awesome and added to the magic
  57. And I missed some of my people (@sar_marieee and my mom mostly) who would have made the experience way better
  58. But I loved the freedom of only being responsible for myself and getting to make every single choice (where I would walk, what I was doing next, what ride I wanted, if it was time to eat or just inhale Raisin Bran from my purse in line) and my only regret is no beast photo.
  59. 100% would go again and encourage other people