I have a coworker. I would like to shout this at him instead of into the void but here we are.
  1. Like fuck it's not
  2. Let any woman you know talk
  3. I know, it might be hard because you're inclined to interrupt her.
  4. Write down these questions as promps and duct tape your mouth closed
  5. Have you ever experienced a man thinking he possessed you in some way ?
  6. Have you been ignored or shouted down in conversation? How do you manage when that happens?
    I love the idea of women repeating other women's ideas in meetings and crediting them but oh hey that would mean two women would have to be in a room of power 🙄
  7. Have you been sexually assaulted? Is there a high percentage of other women you know who have?
    Then ask about why they don't report I FUCKING DARE YOU.
  8. What jokes have men made to you about your menstrual cycle?
    "Ohh man you're crabby today must be that time of the month"- NOT APPROPRIATE. I don't say shit like "no wonder you're in a bad mood today the internal operations of your body don't make you a person with cognitive abilities"
  9. Do strangers tell you you should be a mother on a regular basis?
  10. Do you feel unsafe walking alone at night?
  11. Do you feel unsafe when alone with men you've known for some time?
  12. Do you feel unsafe getting into cabs alone?
  13. Have you taken birth control? What were its side effects?
    News flash- putting hormones in your body doesn't just poof the baby making away.
  14. Have you been passed over for a promotion/raise?
  15. How do you feel about asking for things you know you are worthy of?
    Often it is nervous. Sometimes is greedy even though WE KNOW WE ARE WORTH IT.
  16. #endrant