1. Office Space
    I'm drunk and you've picked me up just in time and I see the angry look on jesse's face and realize he may have actually liked me. I'm 19 and don't know how to do this because liking someone who likes me seems foreign. You say you're unsure of what this is and I laugh when you attempt to unhook my bra.
  2. Age of Ultron
    I've already seen it but I want to spend time with you so I agree. It's too late and we are both tired but the theatre is empty so we can talk but we still whisper and it makes our bodies closer. When we leave I shiver because I don't have a coat and you look at me and I know you're unsure.
  3. Twister
    We argue but you insist it's because other people getting in the way not because you're a narcissist and I'm a tangle of insecurities. I feel terrible because no one should eat ice cream, drink tequila, fight with their friend, and walk two miles home. You rub my back and jump me when the VHS breaks for commercial.
  4. Wedding Crashers
    I slept on your couch because not going home with someone else was too much of an ego boost already. Your roommate and my best friend is shocked to see me there and we eat dry cereal and drink warm beer as breakfast. You come out of your room with the scene where all the boobs fall. He and I laugh and laugh and you ask me if I slept in his bed.
  5. Doctor Horrible
    You made me chicken and bough wine even though you don't normally drink and now we are on the couch and drinking some sort of Russian vodka and talking about our law class. You put your hand on my leg and I shoot across the couch. You ask if you can kiss me and I run outside and jump in your nemesis' car. You call me a whore.
  6. The Hobbit
    I'm half a large bottle of wine in before you get to the apartment because deep down I know where this is going. You transfer the movie to a thumb drive but open it "accidentally" and grab a beer which we both know means you can't operate your vehicle. Jacob calls our relationship a "blow and go" and I laugh into your shoulder while molten gold lights the room around us. I hate you almost as much as I hate myself.
  7. Pitch Perfect
    The living room is full of our friends and they've insisted this movie is life altering. We keep sneaking into the kitchen and drinking out of the bottle of Jim Beam Molly left at camp. You kiss me while I have the fridge open and I feel cold all over. Jacob tries to smother you with a pillow but you end up in bed telling me we should have tried to be people. My body pillow defends my small corner of the universe.
  8. Tangled
    My roommate greets you in my yellow dress and I think of you as a lost puppy until I drink a substantial amount of gin and realize you're actually over six foot and keep looking at my mouth. I put on Disney because you can't drive and I'm selfish and all of a sudden the love seat is crowded. You ask my blackout-sitting-in-the-shower-naked roommate if he has a condom and I laugh and laugh but scream when I see his penis and then in the morning I remember your mom said you had a girlfriend.
  9. Lewis Black
    It's 4AM & you bang on the glass door like walking a mile in the road hammered is something you deserve a prize for. My roommate threatens murder and you pretend to trip and fall on me on the blue couch. You say you hate Jon Stewart to aggravate me & I grab your face which is a mistake because we both remember what that used to mean. I put a body pillow between us and you tell me I'm the kid of girl you'd marry but it won't work now. I cry and you hug me. In the morning we can't find your shoes.
  10. Life of Brian
    You show up with three kinds of fast food and we end up hammered somehow and my roommate is staying somewhere else so we throw all the garbage around and yell about guacamole. You pull my legs across you and I wonder if maybe I'm insane to not find feelings for you. The ship crashes and I laugh so hard I think I'm going to die. You let me giggle on the floor and drag me to the kitchen to eat string cheese.