We failed on our mission to find me a rug but Martha's reactions to things are the best.
  1. Legit tomatoes
    "They're ugly they must be delicious!" - Martha
  2. Cave-aged Gouda
    "This will go perfect with wine!" -Martha
  3. Farm fresh chocolate milk after trying lots of kinds including "raspberry low fat drinkable yogurt"
    "The yogurt is ... Thick." -Martha
  4. Indian food
    "It all tastes the same and it all tastes amazing!" - SHES SO CUTE GUYS
  5. A cowboy hat
    "It's so funny looking!" To me with it on my head. I've decided she's just enthralled with how adorable I was.
  6. Pickle mix
    "You can take them to places and people will think you're interesting!" -Martha
  7. Espresso and dark chocolate icecream
    "You're so smart." -Martha