I'm potentially going full time because life is weird and it's only a maybe but there is a guy leaving and I might get his office.
  1. As a freelance editor/ full time disaster the only "office" I've ever had was when my computer was facing a wall so I couldn't see the other people in the room
  2. And honestly that's fine. I'm social. I smell good. I'm immune to most people's colds because I ate lots of dirt as a child.
    I probably shouldn't admit that
  3. The thought of having four walls, a desk assigned to me, and the potential for a chair that wasn't found in surplus or that I bullied my father into buying because I was editing sitting crosslegged on my floor
    The times my legs fell asleep for HOURS were unpleasant
  4. It's a little overwhelming
  5. But I also don't want to get ahead of myself and just cry and cry when I'm unceremoniously kicked out on my ass in a few weeks
  6. And my best friend at work (who is also temporary and trying to get on full time) isn't mad at me and understands how I fit the vacancy better and I was so nervous she was going to hate me it was awful and giving me an ulcer
    What up stress induced weight loss right before bathing suit season. You're alright but I'd rather be able to keep down my food
  7. I just moved into a new apartment five minutes (walking) from work and it would just be so perfect
  8. I need to stop decorating the office in my mind
    I have a dry erase/ cork board calendar that won't fit in the apartment and It. Is. FATE.
  9. And this is a ridiculous list to write but UGH GUYS I NEED GOOD VIBES