Girls ain't they something ?
  1. Woodland adventurer
    I'll take you on nice hikes in the woods and say just enough so you know I'm not a serial killer but so little you won't know anything about me to tell your friends.
  2. Traditional
    I'll keep you warm and safe. You might be bored but I feel good on winter nights.
  3. Lumberjack
    All other flannels want to be some incarnation of me. I'm a little scratchy but the most durable.
  4. Fuckboy
    I'm ironic. Or moronic. How many jäger bombs have you had? Want another?
  5. Collegiate
    I love football and work in an office during the week. You'll be moderately entertained by the situations we find ourselves in.
  6. Preppy
    These boat shoes match, right?