1. My favorite love songs are mostly about destructive relationships
    And not like "you love me too much" cute. Like the strokes/third eye blind/Texas country.
  2. My favorite food group is cheese
    If I have been to a restaurant I have a clear opinion on its cheese dip or Mac and cheese. Or both.
  3. I have been known to dance so aggressively in my car that other people turn red
    Mostly @sar_marieee when I'm throwing down to tswizzle. It's a wonder we weren't a Disney plot line with how embarrassed she is of me. Must have something to do with alive parents.
  4. Sometimes I'll go days without eating a vegetable
    My old roommate called me a "medical marvel" but mostly I think college taught my body to be deprived of nutrients for long spells.
  5. When I read the word funeral I read it FUNeral
    Fuck. Probably