The gloom has been a little overwhelming lately but life is still an adventure
  1. I'm going to FINALLY collaborate with @darshnim on a writing and multimedia project
    A dream of mine for years, a goal of ours for almost as long, postponed by distance and a love for fun over productivity.
  2. @mcs1000 is my best friend and that is abundantly clear in her birthday wish
    Donation to Planned Parenthood. The people in my life make me want to be a better human. The only shots people buy for my birthday are tequila.
  3. NPR makes "public radio nerd" shirts
    NERDS ARE GOOD EMBRACE THE NERD. Nerd : a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.
  4. Clean laundry
    Tell me life isn't wonderful after doing a load of bedding in a washer dryer that aren't in a laundromat. It can't be done