1. "Words my daughter uses too much" by Martha
    Majority would be censored
  2. "Reasons my daughter is single" by Ron
    This is a long list
  3. "Political topics my sister rants about" by Jose
    Get your laws away from my uterus!
  4. "General topics my sister rants about" by Jose
    Tinkerbell is a bitch.
  5. "Times my sister has threatened my boyfriend(s)" by @sar_marieee
    Lengthy and not unwarranted
  6. "Ways my sister and I are creepy alike" by @sar_marieee
  7. "Times my cousin has peer pressured me into drinking" by @EmilyJo15
    Tailgates and holidays are for drinking and making your cousin uncomfortable. Sorry 🙊
  8. "Ways my niece ruined my life" by my crazy aunt
    "She was born and won't accept my friend request" I can already hear the distant relatives getting uncomfortable.
  9. "A definitive ranking of people I will never play monopoly with" by my crazy uncle
    I'm an unfair trader
  10. "The reasons it's fine you aren't making an effort to visit" by Ron
    Passive. Aggressive.
  11. "Places I have picked Mary's dumb ass up from in the morning" an open list ➕
  12. Vehicles Mary has crashed
  13. Liquids Mary isn't allowed to drink in carpeted rooms