My mother is a GD Saint and here's why
  1. She didn't murder me when I was a teenager
    It would have been justifiable homicide several times.
  2. She cares about people SO MUCH
    This could be a list in itself but let's just go with the generalized need to make people happy that drives her day to day existence
  3. She's a nurse
    They the real MVPs.
  4. She's my number one fan
    Who DVRs every show I work on to pause and point at my name in the credits. Who reads every article I publish even if it's on alpacas. Who is the worlds best extra and takes great direction. Who hires me to be her photographer/graphic designer for major projects and is the most reasonable client. Who reposts my photography with long Facebook posts about how she loves me.
  5. She never told me I couldn't achieve something
    Some of my early goals were unrealistic and insane but she always said "how are you going to make that happen?" Which is encouraging while placing the importance on your own efforts driving achievement
  6. She sends me 🦄 care packages
    They include but are not limited to : finished coloring book pages from her time with our neighbor's kid, coupons for things she thinks I'll need or want, assorted chocolate, whatever I left at her house my last visit, random sock without its counterpart, hometown newspaper clippings that she thinks I'll find interesting
  7. She drinks wine with my friends when I'm not there
    I'm not sure who I'm more jealous of. Also this is ridiculous and hilarious and cool
  8. She makes the worlds best lasagna
    Don't argue with me. Her's is the best.
  9. She's a hilariously bad baker of cakes
    But made HUGE efforts for my childhood birthday ones. Which only makes them more adorable
  10. She lets everyone stay at our house
    Which is a little frustrating when you're there but just shows how nice she is (and forgiving in some cases)
  11. She's Catholic but doesn't preach at me (very much)
    It's been a struggle for her, but she tries SO HARD. A for effort
  12. She wants to adopt my friends
    Well most of them. And they are a demented bag of misfits (in the best way)
  13. She gave birth to three of the biggest assholes on the planet and still loves children
    Seriously, we are traumatic.