It's that time of the year... When my mother insists we watch the sound of music
  1. Libraries
  2. Coupons
  3. Massive mud puddles
  4. Coffee
  5. Chocolate
  6. Televised award shows
  7. Running into people unexpectedly
  8. Bodies of water
  9. Puns
  10. Bad dad jokes (see above)
  11. Real life love stories
    Someday I'll write a book of them because I'm nosey
  12. The color yellow
    Try to be mad in a yellow room. Yellow flowers mean friendship. Belles dress
  13. Sad movies
  14. The muppets
  15. Lauren Conrad anything
  16. Heavy boots
    That shit kick and frolick
  17. Photography dark rooms
  18. Fandoms
  19. Television control rooms
  20. The list app
  21. Red wine