Suggested by @sar_marieee and sort of chronological ? I wasn't sure how to do this so it calls back to several sitcoms I love in weird ways and is not cohesive at all. I'd be canceled after two and a half seasons but probably have an Internet following that mourned the brevity and underdevelopment of my characters.
  1. Planned Parenthood
    I was the most planned baby in the world. And then I was late. Martha decided she wouldn't push when they gave her drugs. She told the doctor nope and giggled, according to myth (Ron)
  2. Just One More Chapter
    Avoiding social obligations from a young age to read and hide. The Rory Gilmore years. Only without cute boys and a lot more angst
  3. Hot Later in Life
    Acutane and tanning beds required personality development
  4. The One Where Everyone Is Drunk
    Mailed this episode in. Involves blunt jokes about sex on the beach and strip poker.
  5. Something So Pretty Shouldn't Be So Traumatic
    Delivering wedding cakes and falling down stairs and going to clubs in your confirmation sponsor outfit
  6. The (drunk) Kiss
    Will they or won't they is replaced by where will they and won't they(get a room)
  7. The Queen of The Friend Zone
    Attempting to maintain neutral territory and instead blowing your entire life up in a series of odd coincidences usually reserved for teenage dramas
  8. They Broke Up... Again
    Everyone is thrilled
  9. Unicorn Emojis and Antiquated Social Norms
    Flirting in the age of 3 dot bubbles and 23 year old virgins
  10. Tennessee Baby. Tennessee, Baby?
    Buying plan b with coupons and other ways moving 8 hours away had unexpected consequences