So I didn't save most of the pictures but here it goes
  1. Biscuit Love
    Mom ordered the east nasty (biscuit with fried chicken, sausage gravy, aged cheddar) as suggested by yours truly. She got coffee to my caramel latte and We INHALED the Gerdie (biscuits under chocolate sauce and peanut butter and pretzel sticks)
  2. Jumbo and Delicious
    Technically not Nashville (Hendersonville). 1/2 pound stuffed jumbo burgers. Hers with blue cheese mine with pepper jack. Sweet potato fries forever.
  3. Nashville farmers market
    Indian food. Ice cream (espresso and dark chocolate). Tomatoes. Cave Aged Gouda.
  4. Back Alley Diner
    B.A.D. Fries are the best fries. Wings. Coffee stout. Mom had hilariously named girly drinks.
  5. Cafe Marche
    Croissant French Toast
  6. Cafe Marche
    Happiest little jam in the world. And a croissant. And gin so now she's napping.