1. I gave my car to my brothers girlfriend
    Like loaning it but like also idk I hate driving so
  2. I walk to work and don't really need it most days
  3. She has a commute to school and her car couldn't make the move
  4. It just made sense
  5. She needed a car
  6. I had a car I wasn't using
  7. Also she's the worlds nicest human
  8. And super responsible
  9. But since she's been driving it
  10. She's gotten a flat tire
  11. Poor thing was so upset and panicked and felt terrible
  12. But flat tires happen! I was just so glad she was okay!
  13. And then two weeks ago
  14. She was pulled over because of an expired registration
    (Completely my fault)
  15. She does nothing wrong ever so I'm sure it upset her to have to interact with an officer
    I have no issues since I'm a disaster
  16. So I got that taken care of and up to date
  17. And then TODAY the battery died on the highway
  18. And she's new! She doesn't know the area!
  19. So she was trying to explain where she was
  20. While her phone battery died
  21. And I had no car to go find her because shes stranded BECAUSE OF MY CAR
  22. Luckily she just called me and the highway incident people found her
  23. And my brother found her
  24. And they are using that wonderful triple a card my father gets us for Christmas because he knows we are bad at things
  25. But even what is probably the nicest thing I've done for a person this year is a mess
  26. Since she paid for the tire
  27. And paid to get the car emissions tested for the updated registration
    She's so nice, god
  28. And now this alternator
    That's what they think is wrong
  30. I hate cars and never want to drive them again
  31. Thank you for enduring this dramatic list