Joe was my first friend and YASSSS THIS IS HAPPENING. My master plan is working
  1. To have nerf gun fights
  2. To have someone to cook excessive goodies for
  3. To have someone to pick me up from the airport/drive the 8 hours home with
  4. To have someone to tell me when I've spent too many consecutive days not seeing people
  5. To have someone to torture with sunny weather
  6. To have someone to bike with!
  7. To have someone to torture while really just picking on him with his girlfriend for her entertainment
  8. To eat all the biscuits
  9. To introduce to my favorite book/record/movie store
  10. So my parents have to visit here instead of making me drive for holidays by myself
    No I am not driving to Huntington WV you can't make me that's nonsense
  11. To have someone who will let me play his gameboy when I'm stressed within walking distance
  12. To have someone to play with on snow days because everything in the south shuts down
  13. To have someone who loves snow around to understand how no one can drive in it here
  14. It have someone to complain to about how my body can't handle all the deep fried foods
  15. To make blanket forts
  16. To have someone to eat all those deep fried foods with anyway
  17. For claymation Christmas marathons
  18. To have someone who can move large pieces of furniture for me without acting like an asshole after
    Or at least acting like an acceptable asshole.
  19. To have someone to help me transport flea market finds
  20. To have someone to drag to the flea market to try on funny hats
    This will mostly be his girlfriend but HATS JUST FINE 😐😂
  21. Because
  22. Hes
  23. The
  24. Bomb
  25. Because my master plan is clearly working