Getting rid of drafts is a mistake. Losing the relist feature was one thing but HERE I DRAW THE LINE.
  1. People will list less
    By people I mean me. I will list less
  2. Content will be less thoughtful
    And include more spelling/grammatical errors
  3. Ideas for lists will be lost into the void never to be recovered
    Instead of being saved in the drafts folder to remind us of our own brilliance and encouraging completion of said brilliant content
  4. It will take the ease out of using the app
    Now I'm going to have to go back to notes on my iPhone and anyone who knows me well knows the iCloud debacle day. I was broken.
  5. What is this said stress you are trying to alleviate
    Because seriously posting a list before it's ready makes me want to stress vomit and THIS IS THE STRESS YOU HAVE CAUSED TODAY
  6. It will discourage new members who are nervous about exposing lists into this literary community from drafting and taking their time with content
  7. Also you aren't cute this picture looks like a bunch of dicks