Sadness mitigation team FTW
  1. Secret Santa is one of my favorite things
  2. I'm hella good at it
    Ask my friends. I'm still waiting for the year I get @darshnim and can go bananas.
  3. So listapp secret Santa was a DREAM
  4. @ChrisK is wonderful for setting it up
  5. And I love love loved the lists everyone posted and they joy and friendships it was creating and they alone were a gift
  6. I was a little bummed when my recipient didn't want to be best friends forever but I'm still hopeful she enjoyed the goodies!
  7. And when I got nothing I was a little jealous of all the art/candy/notes everyone was sharing
  8. I wanted new pen pals! And goodies!
  9. And then yesterday !!!!!!
    @julesypeeps you are a goddess and this is the best
  10. The packaging matches both holidays!
  11. Your handwriting is so cute! And I screamed when I saw Genos face!
    My friends were like "what is wrong with you why are you giggling and shrieking in alternation"
  12. Oh how I wish your version was what he said
    Instead he said hello in that beautiful voice we know so well from press conferences. I died at the real version so yeah.
  13. I loveeeeeee handwritten notes😍
    I have all the questions. Who is your team? Do you want to go find hockey husbands together? I think we could swing it since we are pretty much awesome and what do super models have that we don't? Well I know the answer to that but I bet we have things they don't. I know I do (body fat!) okay I'm a little too excited and I'm going to scare you off
  14. Your doodles might actually be the most adorable thing ever
  15. I'm wearing the earrings!
    @sar_marieee may try to steal them when she visits me so I'm not giving her hints what they look like until then. Because they are adorable
  16. HOW DID YOU KNOW THESE ARE MY FAVE? Are you a wizard?!
  17. Okay but really this was amazing and wonderful and I think we should be friends
  18. 💖be my galentine ?