But mostly he sang show tunes with the Nashville Symphony and it was a fever dream I didn't know I wanted
  1. The show was at Schermerhorn Symphony center
    It was beautiful. Even if I can't say the name of the place.
  2. And MacFarlane is obviously a show tune nerd
    I love nerds. Hearing someone gush about their passion is like... I feel about it how some people feel about drugs. Can't get enough. He kept calling songs charts which I clearly don't know enough about music to understand.
  3. Going into this I figured "the guy who did cosmos and puts out albums of this music is clearly going to be serious"
    Like, no family guy jokes. Poor guy clearly wants to show he has other talents. And lawwwd does he.
  4. And he was... But also hilarious!
    Like obviously someone who writes a comedy that lasts for 15 years is hilarious. But dude made jokes about Elvis, pedal taverns, whiskey pissing on buildings, and trump. All of those are over done and he still SLAYED
  5. "It's nice to offend an audience in person"
    Post Elvis joke. It was really beautiful
  6. He sang "ol' man river" and Brought. The. House. Down.
    I thought my friend Rachel was going to cry. I mouthed the word wow to my brother and he just nodded. That's a lot of agreeing with me for Joe.
  7. And did family guy jokes and voices! Like, way to be above it dude! Also how the fuck do you sing show tunes as stewie that's amazing
    Some idiot woman yelled "sing family guy" twice after he had just sang verses of a goddamn show tune in ALL THE DIFFERENT CHARACTER VOICES. She was ignorant but the afterglow of his talent still hung in the air so it was fine.
  8. Seriously. Ol' Man River was insane.
    Everything was good but that stopped my heart
  9. "Some people are just better than the rest of us"
    Friend as we walked out. He's so right. The talent on that guy seriously is overwhelming.
  10. And now I'm going to go get all his albums on Amazon or iTunes or just fucking download them illegally he doesn't care
    That's almost a direct quote. But really I'm going to go get them all now.
  11. Here's to you, Mr. MacFarlane
    I hope you drink as much alcohol as you want tonight because you're an adult.