I'm a hot mess. Really, who left the oven on?
  1. First, totally panic about something
    Personal life, professional goals, family drama, imagined feuds. Doesn't matter what
  2. Second, check to make sure you have enough butter / eggs for this ordeal
    I keep a backup pound of butter in my freezer at all times because you never know when this nonsense is going to strike
  3. Third, decide a reasonable amount of something to bake
    Like a batch of chocolate chip cookies. You won't overeat and maybe the office/your crush will be happy to eat them and give you points!
  4. Fourth, come out of a blackout like state to every surface in your kitchen covered in baked goods
    Brownies, spun sugar, buttercream, cupcakes, biscuits, the cookies you initially planned, some sort of strange hybrid dessert breakfast concoction, homemade gnocchi, chocolate chip pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting, deep fried lasagna bites, etc.
  5. Fifth, try to scrub the flour out of your mane and put the pieces of your life back together
    And go get some milk from the store. Those cookies won't eat themselves