The leather anniversary !
  1. Three homes
    Franklin, Hendersonville, Nashville
  2. Three roommates
    Kyle, Matt, Jacob
  3. Three Jobs
    Nordstrom, Freelance, Legislature
  4. Three Friends
    Heather, Rachel, Natalie
  5. Three Homesick Relapses
    First Birthday, First Summer, Last Fall
  6. Three Arrivals!
    Joe, Jessica, Corndog!
  7. Three Fallouts
    Old Friend, New Friend, Roommate
  8. Three Beloved Restaurants
    Jumbo & Delicious, Sitar, The Grilled Cheeserie
  9. Three Loved Coffee Places
    Frothy Monkey, Steadfast, Bond (RIP)
  10. Three Great Venues
    Ryman, TPAC, Symphony
  11. Three Bars
    Red Door East, The Beer Sellar, Two Bits
  12. Three Beautiful Walks
    Bicentennial Mall, Radnor Lake, Drakes Creek Park
  13. Three Book Stores
    Parnassus, Mckays, Little Bee
  14. Three Arts Centers
    The Belcourt, The Frist, Downtown Nashville Library