I think "home" is generally the people you consider family. I suppose for some it's the house they grew up in. Maybe the town they feel comfortable in. So this is specific to my identifying home as family. And sad and depressing and very self involved so feel free to move on quickly and read funny lists about the brexit
  1. Moving away was important for me
    I was on a destructive path and identifying it and removing myself from the temptations and situations was a significant step
  2. And I love my adopted town
    Nashville is the tits. The music scene is famous but it's also close to lots of natural beauty, has a killer food scene, and has a rapidly growing economy. And people want to visit which is cool
  3. But it is 8 hours (if I'm driving) to 12 hours (if my roommate is driving) from my parents and my baby sister @sar_marieee and most of my friends
    I don't include my little brother in this because he's moving here in August which should be helpful for my homesickness/road trips home
  4. It's less than 2 hours flying to Pittsburgh and BNA is a great airport
    Yazoo kiosk. Trust me.
  5. But when something scary or sad happens, that carefully calculated distance seems like the biggest mistake
    This week has been awful. All I want to do is go home. I've been crying a lot which has traumatized my mostly male coworkers. But good luck getting me to stop guys
  6. I want to be there. I need to be there
    And I'm the queen of getting in a car and just driving. But I know with my current lack of sleep/my brother getting here Wednesday/my sad bank account/ my inability to impact what is going on/ flooding in WV that this would be useless right now. And dangerous. Logic sucks
  7. Feeling helpless and like your personal choices led to this is awful
    I decided to move. My dad has been practically begging/demanding I move back to Pittsburgh for the majority of the last two years despite liking Nashville. He let up when I signed a lease for another year but now I feel like a garbage person
  8. But the hardest part isn't the guilt or the homesickness- it's being unable to be there when you're needed (or even just wanted)
    I'm just going to keep refreshing the southwest site and crying. So it's going to be a productive day at work