Every summer I take my friends up to the greatest place on earth for a weekend of no cell service and shenanigans. I'm not sure it's going to happen this year (it's a 14 hour drive from my current home) and I'm getting all sad and nostalgic
  1. Northwest is a trailer with a built on addition created by my father and grandfather in the 80s
    Kanye named his baby after the best place on earth
  2. It is on the border of Pennsylvania gamelands and its back is to a lumber lease. There is no cell service
    People never believe me until they get there
  3. It's the one constant in my life - there are baby pictures of me on the walls, I've spent the majority of my birthdays there, there are books that show the progression of my whole life. If you get invited it means I trust you with the thing closest to my heart
    The outhouse is gone and we have a back porch now but otherwise... I mean I have the same style
  4. The first year (2010) I brought friends up I was super nervous
    If you love something this much you want other people to love it too. And telling a bunch of 19-20 year olds they're going to be 20 miles from any form of a town is interesting
  5. But it brought us all so much closer because we sat on the porch in the shade and just talked and laughed and did experimental math (ok I think that's what they were doing I was making carbs)
    There was strip poker and four wheelers and all the beer was consumed. Everyone got lost and it was hot as balls but we swam in potato creek and ate panda paws ice cream for dinner
  6. The second year (2011) it BLEW UP. People had fun and wanted to go again. I was so thrilled
    Like beside myself happy. And better prepared in the food department and with an air conditioning unit. Also most of us were 21 so that helped
  7. The area around camp is a little.... let's say rural. And we are a diverse crowd
    This year was the year of the eventual campstock motto "let's just drink some beers"
  8. The third year (2012) included a rogue firework, chubby bunny, so much rain that we played a full game of monopoly, and the infamous Mac and Cheese incident
    My hair is so big because it's full of secrets @darshnim told me
  9. I started the quads at 7 AM because I'm an awkward human and no one gets hangovers at camp
    Their love has bloomed unlike any other couple over the years
  10. The fourth year (2013) hurts my heart to think about a little
    It's also the last year @mcs1000 attended 😭
  11. I. Was. So. Happy.
    Kevin brought a friend no one knew and none of us ever heard from him after. Ryan was the worlds most annoying drunk, people practically slept on top of eachother, there was a lot of talk about weird nipples. Jacob tried to break up with his girlfriend in the middle of all of this because alcohol
  12. The fifth year (2014)... we'd had some Dawson's Creek level nonsense going on as a group and it got worse because I built a tent but god was it fun before the world burned. What did I expect from the wood anniversary, really
    Kyles first trip. Bart's first trip. Jacob tried to break up with yet another girlfriend (different one) while in an enclosed space with 20 other people
  13. There was a lot of male nail art
    This was right before I moved to Tennessee so we thought of it as a potential last hurrah
  14. Ohhhhh sixth year (2015) I let a couple bring dogs, dispelling the myths that I a. Hate all couples b. Hate all dogs. And then because I listened to my mother our golden boy got assaulted
    And not in a fun way. My mother got mad at me when I said a couple couldn't come because the male was my friend and the female I didn't know. I believe her exact words were "Mary, your friends are going to find people and you're just going to have to get used to it" as if I was a monster who wished them to die alone. So I let the insane girl come and it ended fucking awful. NEVER AGAIN.
  15. But before that my face was stuck like this
    My friends love me, really
  16. The seventh year (2016) suffered an attendance hangover from the drama of year 6 and all of the cross country / international moving
    Was pretty much a girls weekend but I loved it. We ate all the carbs and played a lot of fuck marry kill
  17. The eighth year might not happen. And I'm sad but so thankful for the years and memories I have of getting to do this. And hopeful that I always have a heart home like this
    Northwest Hunting Lodge 💛💛💛💛💛