I'm awkward and gosh darn it boys just want to be my friend
  1. Double text, triple text, text novels
    I have a lot to say okay
  2. Get drunk and profess my love
    It's sincere I swear I'm just emotionally stunted so I need the tequila to help
  3. Introduce everyone to my parents except romantic interests
    Oh yeah everyone's met Ron and Martha. You want to meet them? *runs into nearest wall*
  4. Talk about my male exroommates excessively
    What I lived with the one for 3 years and these are good stories. The thought of them sexually makes me laugh (then shudder involuntarily)
  5. Show up with food
    Quesadilla in my purse. Cookies I need out of my house or I will eat the whole batch. Entire pans of lasagna
  6. Delete tinder after 24 hours because AHHHH
    Too. Many. Unsolicited. Penis. Pictures. Also you should see a doctor that doesn't look normal
  7. Take compliments like they're from a sarcastic great aunt
    Boy- "Your hair looks nice" Me-"thanks I brushed it"