It takes a lot of effort (and product) to look this average.
  1. Razor heads
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  2. Contact solution
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    Everyone would be beautiful if I couldn't see them
  3. Wax
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    Let me pay to rip off my hair/skin in the pursuit of not looking like a fairytale villain
  4. Whitening strips
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    Red wine and coffee are how I get through life I will not sacrifice them for pearly whites
  5. Liquid foundation
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    It's never the right shade and it feels like I'm painting myself. Dishonor on your whole family!
  6. Hair masks
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    Is there no way to make one that doesn't smell like old ladies in church or a chemical bomb went off? Is there no moderation left in the world?!
  7. Body shapers/spanx
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    Panty lines are unbecoming? My body fat sits in the wrong places? Easy fix for just $40 and constant discomfort throughout the day