As a very independent human who prides herself on that personality aspect, moving away from all of my friends/family has been a learning experience. While movies were easy, and I've conquered concerts, here are a few things I just can't seem to make myself do alone yet. I'm working on it.
  1. Ice skating
    Bridgestone arena has an open skate tonight for $10 and I WANT TO GO. But I'm not really sure I can get myself to go alone.
  2. Restaurants
    I can't order food for there and sit by myself I think everyone is sad for me and I'm not sad I'm alone so stop judging me large loud family of happy people. I'm really good at takeout.
  3. The Zoo
    Nashville Zoo seems so great! They have events and probably tons of pokestops. But I can't. Not by myself. I'm a wimp.
  4. Bars
    I thought this would be easy since they are my natural habitat but turns out I'm terrible at them alone and sure I'm going to get murdered or worse no one will buy me drinks.
  5. Hikes
    I DONT WANT TO DIE. But I really miss hiking and my boots are sad and judgmental.