I had to disable prime one click once because I kept coming home to things I didn't remember ordering. It was a wonderful time in my life. Drunk me is an asshole. But has decent taste.
  1. Box sets of the Harry Potter books
    Mine have lived a hard life
  2. Strange iPhone cases
    Like... It has pearls and lace and is seafoam green? I MUST OWN IT!
  3. Nail stamping kits
    As if I ever do my nails in the first place
  4. Dresses
    So sexy but classy? But no. Not good. Also not work appropriate for the most part
  5. Delivery wine
    It's from all the regions of the world, guys!
  6. Camera equipment I can't afford
    I NEED THIS GREENSCREEN LIGHT KIT! Oh wait, Adobe just took all my money.
  7. Concert tickets
    And have done so. To my shock in the AM.
  8. Vintage boots
    Because someone's feet were probably fine!
  9. Weird pedicure things
    Sure, mail me weird chemicals to put on my body!
  10. Kitchen tools
    They make tools for everything in every color and I want them all
  11. Running shoes
    As. If.
  12. Pool floaties
    Because every summer we murder a Walter (what we named the walrus floatie of my dreams)
  13. This purse
    Because it's my favorite and there are only three left with the seller but GOD AT WHAT COST.