For my carefully cultivated social media persona aka drunk tweets and doing it for the gram
  1. Getting cheese dip in my hair
  2. Wearing a Hufflepuff cardigan to a very formal work environment
  3. #team things
    #teamnopants #teamnobabies #teamjane #teambrad (okay those are contradictory)
  4. Getting sitcoms canceled by enjoying them
    RIP happy endings
  5. Buying tequila even though no one else wants to drink it
  6. Watching a documentary and forgetting 98 percent of the information but being blindingly angry about a particular jump cut multiple years later
    And being able to describe both the offending frames in excruciating detail while turning red in the face in front of a room of people who could give a fuck
  7. Telling people it's time to "bounce"
  8. 😂😭😁💃🏻🔥🦄💁🏻🌵🧀🖕🏻🙈