Story time: in January, after a week of fun with friends and family, I was slightly depressed about being alone in Nashville. In response I got very very drunk and when I awoke the next day it was to texts about how excited my friends were that I had bought a Governors Ball ticket. Three day pass. For June. Like a responsible adult.
  1. Holy shit everywhere smells like weed
    I thought maybe this had been a lie or exaggeration by puritanical fun killers but no. Lots of drugs.
  2. This is the only place in the world fanny packs are cool
    The fanny pack was a favorite tool of my mother. It confuses me when people have them bedazzled and are not wearing them ironically.
  3. These flower crown girls are confused by which coast they are on
    It is raining and 65 degrees.
  4. I'm buying the long sleeve shirt in large stop judging me bralette and leotard girls
    No. Shirts. Anywhere. I'm kind of in love with the confidence but also I LIKE CHEESE AND CARBS OKAY?
  5. Are metallic leggings in right now?
    The camel toe on those is REAL
  6. I am morbidly obese
    The south has convinced me I am skinny. It is a lie.
  7. These noodles are amazing and I regret nothing
    Is all festival food this good? Because it looks like it.
  8. Dear god that guy olli from years and years was amazing. I mean they were amazing. But he was super amazing. Am I drunk?
    S/O to my friend Evan for giving the recommendation of the day. They were so exciting and engaging. The whole crowd was bummed when their set ended.
  9. Sunscreen as a flask for the win
    Like I'm cheap as hell sorry about it this ticket was over 300$. This is the face I make when I get through security with whiskey
  10. Who the fuck pays 13$ for a Miller light
    It's MILLER LIGHT. It's supposed to be cheap!
  11. Omg all of these people pay 13$ for a Miller light
    Like... All of them. This almost buys a 30 rack at home!
  12. Omg that guy has a staff made of over 100$ in Miller light cans
    He thought to bring duct tape?
  13. There is so much denim here
    I don't hate it.
  14. No one is wearing bras. I wish I didn't need to wear a bra
    Never going to happen but a girl can dream. Stupid boob cages.
  15. Did all of the strokes fans come here together? We are all yelling at each other in joy and I love it
    The real reason I bought these tickets (besides whiskey) was to see the strokes preform in NYC. It was everything I dreamed. My friend who I'm staying with "I kept looking over at you and your face was pure joy. About to cry, but pure joy." She wasn't wrong. It's the closest I've come to involuntarily crying since Harry Potter World. I am not cool enough for music festivals.
  16. Those balloon strings are stupid and clearly for instagrams
  17. Dear god half the shit here is for instagrams
    Know your audience. I'm actually impressed.
  18. I can't tell if these girls are wearing skirts or pants or pajamas
    But they look comfy. But those pants probably cost more than that beer staff.
  19. Future generations are going to mock us mercilessly
    It's okay, that's how it goes. But this much lace is going to haunt us. I say that as someone with three lace dresses.
  20. If dudes want to see tits they should just come to festivals. I guess they're more expensive than the strip club but good god
    I'd imagine the music is better. And it's less sad? Idk just going off what dudes complain about.
  21. People brought children to this?!?!?
    I mean I'm all for still having a life but that seems like a nightmare.
  22. And old people!
    Like legit old people. Like maybe have dentures old people.
  23. The crowd for Beck is great
    Everyone is so friendly and kind and sharing beer and drugs and water and this is adorable
  24. Beck is a God
    I mean I knew it before but this was an experience.
  25. Music festival sets are too short if Beck is telling you they're kicking him off
  26. He just almost teared up talking about hugging Prince
    I need to live in this moment.
  27. Beck is a God
    Did I say that already?
  28. The crowd for The Strokes is not nearly as friendly
    People are pushing and being assholes. Some of us have been here for two hours+ get your drug addled girlfriend who can't stand to a medical tent stop using her as a human shield to push your way to the front.
  29. Im going to blame this on their being the headliner
    We were all so loving earlier.
  30. Okay I made friends and I yelled HOLD THE WALL like an insane person but I mean it I'm getting close
  31. This was the best day ever and I love everyone
    But mostly The Strokes.
  32. Damnit. My foot is going to be even more broken
    It's very swollen. I probably shouldn't have jumped on it for two hours. And maybe kept it in its air cast instead of a combat boot.