Election Day is stressful but people are great
  1. A lady outside my polling place told me she loved my dress
    Why are compliments from put together old ladies so wonderful? Idk but I'll take it
  2. My coworker told me his 5yrold son "voted" at school and voted for trump because "he's a boy and I'm a boy"
    But that he said "Hillary doesn't yell and be mean and Trump does," and he disapproved. But that his teachers told him it was his mind and his vote and he should decide. He's the age where girls have cooties so it's actually pretty adorable.
  3. The officer at the polling station was lovely and told me I was the smartest because I completely missed the rush
    I strategically planned my timing and was thankful it worked and his noticing was nice
  4. A volunteer gave me extra stickers because he liked my pin
    Hil yes man, hil yes! My absentee ballot future sister-in-law will be so excited!
  5. The volunteer who set up my ballot told me her gold sparkle nail polish was a "celebration"
    People still understand voting is exciting. It's not an obligation as much as a privilege
  6. Postmates has free delivery
    Code : VOTENOW. Try to tell me America isn't great I dare you.