This weekend my little brother moved to my city which means 2/3 of our sibling crew is here, transferring the Power(BAD JOKE). @sar_marieee is (hopefully) next.
  1. Making her laugh
    She has the best laugh and it's easy for me to get. She was one of my first audience members for bad jokes and to this day making her laugh is the best. She's also one of the most hilarious humans I know and one of the few who can go as dark with a joke as I can so I think it's mutual.
  2. Adventures
    Driving to the middle of nowhere and singing in the car. Wandering cabelas and mocking things that for sure would fit the aesthetic of our camp. Tormenting boys at bars.
  3. Shopping
    We do alright with screenshots and online shopping but there's something to be said for a mall.
  4. Splitting meals
    We always seem to want the same thing places and it helps portion control. And save room for dessert DUH.
  5. Watching Disney movies together
    And singing every song without judgement of eachothers lack of musical ability. NO CHANCE NO WAHY I WONT SAY IT NO WOAH
  6. Baking
    Or just cooking in general. She's always been the best to have to talk to while cooking. And sometimes she lets me DJ for her which I love to do because I can usually find songs she'll grow to love too.
  7. Being there for her
    I want to be a support system and its so hard being far away. When she has a migraine I want to be the person who can run the errands for her; when her boyfriend is an asshat I want to be the one who supplies the wine and the distraction; when money is stressful I want to take her shopping and to Starbucks.
  8. Acting like ladies
    When we don't look like one