a quick lil therapy session just to clear the air
  1. I've been able to hang out w people more often now that school is out, which is a relief because one of the things I struggled with most this year is feeling isolated from my friends
  2. I'm going to be promoted to team leader at work soon, which, to quote little red riding hood, I am both excited and scared about
    I just want more money tbh so I guess I'll suffer through it
  3. the kevins have not visited in over a month and I am worried!!!
    I hope they didn't move 😢
  4. I'm glad I have all this free time but I am definitely not being productive with it lmao it's been hard to get myself to focus on my summer classes
  5. I almost forgot to do the orientation for one of them last week and I could've gotten kicked out lol I think I experienced twelve heart attacks at the same time when I realized that
  6. but I'm reminding myself that it's okay, I have time, the classes aren't as hard as I'm building them up in my head to be, I need to stop psyching myself out
  7. I'm feeling pretty comfortable money wise although I did just spend $100 during a five hour shopping spree yesterday
    worth it, probably
  8. alaina and I have gotten more comfortable talking about sex with each other
    not that we were uncomfortable before it's just that I feel like we went to other people to talk about it but now that it's summer and we're both thirsty ass hoes we've started discussing it more
  9. idk what's going on between me and cole
    or what I want from it or if I like it or if it's a good idea!!!
  10. I'm worried about alex but I feel like I'm not in a position to check up on him anymore
    but at the same time I'm wondering if that's just what I'm telling myself because I'm too scared to reach out to him only to be rejected again
  11. I'm glad gil and I still talk even if it's just little conversations here and there
    I'm happy that after all these years we've been able to come back together and become good friends again
  12. I miss the lunch crew
  13. I'm so excited for all the time I plan on spending in austin this summer ugh brings back memories
  14. I think summer is my favorite season cuz it makes me feel so free and independent and a lil bit wild
    it's just so fun
  15. and there's a lot less stress overall
    minus these FUCKING CLASSES
  16. I want to travel somewhere on my own this summer but idk where how when what why who
  17. I'm trying to program myself to stop going to bed so late
    I think during the year I was so deprived of my normal content intake between work and school that now it's like I'm trying to watch every movie and read every book until I can't stay awake any longer but that is BAD and I wake up feeling awful so I'ma stop
  18. I also need to start eating healthier lol
    I had a salad the other day
  19. I'm planning to start my workout routine again and I'm excited for that
    life is sooo much better when I'm on a regular exercise schedule
  20. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the movies and tv shows and books I have to keep me busy this summer
    but like in a good way
  21. I'm running out of space in my room for all my things l o l too many candles and books and pop figures
    what a wonderful problem to have
  22. sooo many attractive guys on tinder
  23. I gave my number to one of them so we'll see how this plays out 🙈
  24. three months of hamilton, still going strong
  25. I've realized that I actually prefer driving alone, which I didn't think I would when I first got my license
  26. I'm a lil nervous to be at the house by myself while my family goes out of town next week
    but I think alaina is gonna stay with me for some of it so I won't feel as creeped out at night thank GOD
  27. I'm pretty happy with my new phone case
    it's like a fuckin rainbow
  28. I've been rewatching degrassi on and off and I wanna stick with it but ugh it's such a slow start
  29. still clinging to #teamrafael despite the strong indicators that I might be on a sinking ship
  30. my self esteem is in a weird middle ground sort of place right now
    sometimes I'm feelin myself and sometimes I'm not but idk I think I'll find surer footing once I start working out and eating healthy again
  31. overall I feel pretty happy and I'm hoping that lasts longer than just the summer