lately a lot of shows have gotten into the (bad) habit of having a "part A and part B" of a season, in which they tell two separate mini stories within a season instead of one whole story throughout the season's entirety. here are some seasons that manage to tell good stories without losing momentum and becoming a big mess by episode 12 (👀)
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    Prison Break, Season 1
    it's been like three years since I've seen this but I still remember so well how it felt to watch for the first time. talk about a genius plot.... the whole thing was like a very detailed and intricately laid-out puzzle with each episode putting in a new piece in place
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    Jane the Virgin, Season 1
    honestly all of the seasons have been amazing, but if I had to pick one that really did it for me, it would be the first one (featuring my fave couple in their prime 😩💕). another super fun show and TOTAL telenovela, what with evil villain Sin Rostro on the loose, a tension-filled love triangle, and unexpected deaths sprinkled throughout just to keep you on your toes. and the story comes full circle: we start the season with Jane getting pregnant, and end it with baby Mateo's birth 😱😍
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    The 100, Season 2
    ok. some things about The 100, I'm like, "do u really expect me to suspend my disbelief *that* much?" it's a problematic show, I'll admit. HOWEVER, when season 2 came out in spring 2015, I was drinking it up. the stakes were so much higher and everything hit the mark so much harder. probably the best this show has ever done
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    The Vampire Diaries, Season 2
    probably?? my favorite TV season of all time??? great development of former side characters (Tyler & Caroline), compelling plot that veers off in different directions but still brings it all back together, FUN AS HELL VILLAINS (Katherine & Klaus), good use of backstories, funny dialogue... like?? I'm sure there are better stories out there like on GoT or whatever but shows like that, honestly tbh, tend to be too slow and depressing for me. TVD seasons 1-3 are always a fun time no matter what :))
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    The Vampire Diaries, Season 3
    my second favorite TV season of all time. partly for all the reasons listed above but mostly because....I'm Emo™ for bloodthirsty, off-the-rails Stefan Salvatore and I always will be. and also because S3 is the last known occurrence of this stupid ass show actually being good lmfao RIP
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    Outlander, Season 1
    does this even NEED an explanation.... beautiful cinematography. beautiful acting. beautiful story (albeit a slow-moving one). I'm ashamed to admit I still haven't finished season 2 but damn this show is good
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    Once Upon A Time, Season 1
    u better appreciate this OUAT cuz none of ur other seasons are ever gettin on this list.... and in fact consider this whole thing to be a sublist about you, smdh