1. The Met in New York City
    I went there my first day ever in New York and spent hours just walking around the different exhibits with my best friend. before leaving we went up to the rooftop and got a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. such a good way to start our trip.
  2. New Orleans Square in Disneyland
    I'm a firm believer that every part of every Disney is beautiful, but for the sake of differentiating between the other parks, I'll just pick this one area. the architecture! the ambiance! the Mickey-shaped beignets!
  3. Elizabeth Street Cafe in Austin, Texas
    I love going here with my friends on Saturday mornings! it's such a cute little cafe on South First Street with the best banana nutella crepes I've ever had in my life. even the little water glasses they give you are nice and pretty!
  4. Chelsea in Manhattan
    this was by far my favorite neighborhood to visit in New York! the buildings seemed especially pretty here, and it's home to the High Line, another one of my choice spots in the city... partially because of the gelato I got while walking along there 🍦💯
  5. Epcot
    okay, here's a Disney park that I actually can't just choose one part of. this is by far my favorite park. no matter where you turn, flowers are blooming, the colors are so vibrant, music is playing, and you just get such a sense of life and living every step of the way. strange that a theme park can make me feel as peaceful as this one does.
  6. Rhea's Ice Cream in San Marcos, Texas
    pictured above is the first friend I made in college. we like to go to this little ice cream shop near campus a lot. also pictured above is a unique flavor of ice cream: avocado-coconut. that's why I like going.
  7. Bryant Park in Manhattan
    this was one of the few places I went to by myself while my friend was in auditions and I remember just sitting there people watching and soaking in the view for such a long time. it's a quaint little space right behind the city library!
  8. Diagon Alley in Universal Studios
    even though I favor Disney over Universal, this land blows every other theme park land out of the water. the detail is incredible. as soon as I step foot in this place, I feel eager and nostalgic and overwhelmed and joyous all at once. despite the fact that there's only one ride in this land, there's sooo much to see and do. so many shops, so many little nooks and crannies to explore. my heart.
  9. The Butterfly House at the Saint Louis Zoo
    sadly, no butterflies pictured here. just me, likely looking at one off camera. I love any butterfly house I'm presented with, but this one was particularly memorable: a glass dome with lots of bushes, waterfalls, and other little things worth exploring. plus, plenty of cool butterflies.
  10. Cars Land in Disney California Adventure
    the most cliche spot to pick from DCA, I know, but good lord, it's a cliche for a reason. it's just so pretty and fun and true to the movie - which, admittedly, I'm not even the biggest fan of. my sister and I found ourselves going back here many times throughout the day just to walk through and soak it all in. and being there when they turned on all the lights at dusk - ugh, what an experience!
  11. Five Mile Dam in Kyle, Texas
    let me preface this by saying that the rocks you have to step on over and over as you try to swim in this lake are not beautiful... but the view sure is. I love the little waterfalls, the openness of the river, and the wall of foliage that serves as a great background to it all.
  12. Marvel Superhero Island in Islands of Adventure
    I might be biased because the last time I was here, the sky was such a pretty backdrop against all the buildings, but man, I really do love this place. it has arguably the best rides out of the whole park, and it's also just so exciting to walk around in a world of superheroes.