1. online friends
    tbh I grew up online and the majority of my friends came from there and some of us still talk to this day and we all still keep track of each other and silently cheer each other on and idk I think there is a lot of good that can come from the internet sometimes
  2. tinder
    tinder is fun as heck and I am just at my absolute best when there is a world of distance between us and a 95% likelihood that we'll never meet
  3. going places in my pajamas
    it's 2016 and I just want to be comfortable
  4. not wearing a bra
    this is a thing that I don't do unless I'm in the comfort of my own home, but I would do it in public all the damn time if society wasn't so focused on my nipples like omg just back off, society
  5. sleepovers with the opposite sex
    they're just like any other sleepover except they involve more noise, less food left the next morning, and a considerable increase in my annoyance level (looking at u J-Man), but still rly fun and a good bonding experience
  6. taking a platonic girl friend to something one would usually take a non-platonic ~male~ friend to
    this isn't as frowned upon as the others, but I still feel like there's a sort of pity response when people find out I've decided to take one of my close girl friends to an event (a decision I know I will 100% not regret) instead of going with a guy as a ~romantic date~ thing (a gamble)
  7. going to community college
    it's cheaper, the classes are easier, I'm less stressed, and I have more time to do other things I want to do in my life so what is the big deal!
  8. romance novels/movies
    I read an article recently that questions why the romance genre has to be considered a "guilty pleasure" in order for it to be accepted. why can't it just be a pleasure? why does it somehow take away from our intelligence, strength, credibility, etc if we like romance? in summary, we all need to get over ourselves
  9. wearing men's clothing
    I love love love wearing men's t-shirts, especially if they're oversized, because they're comfy, I feel safe and covered, my body is better suited to them, and they are generally cooler-looking than women's (shock)
  10. vlogging
    I feel like all age groups have welcomed selfies at this point, but vlogging is still something some people have yet to wrap their minds around. which is a tragedy, because vlogging is so damn funny and I fall in love with myself every time I do it tbh lmao
  11. eating dessert before dinner
    there's a great scene in Remember Me (one of my favorite movies) about this that sums this idea up perfectly
  12. masturbating