1. Alaina is a natural conversationalist and I'm automatically at ease when we're in social situations together
  2. Beth is the most supportive and caring friend who always goes out of her way to make me feel better when I'm down
  3. Rachel is super open-minded and non-judgmental and chill, like she really knows how to stay in her own lane even when being antagonized to do otherwise and I admire that
  4. Clayt is a very adaptable person who can go from your shoulder to cry on to your sky diving partner in a matter of seconds
  5. Blake absorbs a lot of the bad in the world and yet is still one of the most kind and innocent people I know
  6. Sam has a very specific type of humor that's so subtle yet so classic at the same time and he's really humble about it
  7. Cole fits into a lot of stereotypes at first glance but once you really get to know him he breaks them all and turns out to be one of the best people on the planet
  8. Jaecob is such a thoughtful and genuinely kind person who doesn't need to be the focus of a group to feel included by them
  9. Erin refuses to compromise herself no matter how much peer pressure she faces
  10. Jesse is a nonstop one man show and although it can get tiring it's kind of impressive how he has a joke for pretty much everything
  11. Reno will hit you hard with bluntness and then immediately soften the blow with overwhelming kindness and understanding
  12. Alex is a huge space nerd who can talk on and on about space
  13. Gil constantly cheers on all his friends from afar no matter what personal shit he's going through and he just sincerely wants the best for everyone
  14. Emma has the most adorable laugh paired with the most calming presence
  15. Hunter isn't (outwardly) phased by anything which means he can handle both you getting #deep on him and you being a bitch to him with ease
  16. Rob acts like an ass but he's actually a very considerate person who makes people he's not even that close to like me feel safe
  17. Trent embraces the crazy, like if I'm in the mood to be a mean bitch or if I'm in the mood to be wild and reckless he'll be down for that kind of stuff that other people won't be
  18. Houston is open to any type of fun whether it be getting down on the dance floor at prom or leaving prom early to go catch a movie
  19. My mom knows exactly how to walk the line between being my mom and being my friend
  20. My sister has a knack for catching on to song lyrics quickly
  21. My dad listens to modern rock music and thinks he's cool
  22. My grandma makes self-deprecating jokes but she really has a lot of respect for herself
  23. My aunt enjoys spending time by herself but also appreciates being surrounded by people, just like I do
  24. Siavash can find commonalities with anyone despite growing up in a very different culture than this one
  25. Najala is one hell of a strong and outspoken woman
  26. Lem doesn't shy away from vulnerability and he gives you all that he has