1. drinking these kool-aid things like they're beer
    bottoms up
  2. doing my laundry but forgetting to take it out once it's finished so my clothes get all wrinkly and gross and I have to put them back in again
    hey twice in one day is pretty good though
  3. finding a place to park downtown
    the trouble here is that I found said place to park while going the wrong direction down what I didn't realize was a one way street. thankfully no one else was around. live and learn
  4. getting promoted to night manager at work
    things were going smoothly my first night as manager until I got ready to lock up and could not get the key out of the lock no matter how hard I tried. I ended up having to call one of my co-workers who I'd already sent home like 20 minutes earlier to come back up just so he could take the key out of the lock for me. he did it in like 10 seconds 🙃
  5. putting gas in the car
    I don't know how the fuck I did it but there was one isolated incident in which I paid $15 for gas that somehow didn't even make it into the car?¿ I thought I did everything I was supposed to yet I still left the gas station running on empty. one of life's greatest mysteries
  6. driving myself to my own dental appointments
    but still taking my mom with me so she can like do all the talking and stuff to the receptionist lady hahaha I'm twelve