1. never related to Katy Perry's "Hot 'n' Cold" more in my life
    I am literally so hot and so cold at the same time
  2. the amount of pills I've been ordered to take each day has me kind of concerned I might unwittingly overdose
  3. moving is difficult
  4. I smell like medicine
  5. glad I still live at home so my sweet mother can take care of me
  6. this definitely puts a cramp in my carefully laid out study schedule because I can't be expected to LEARN THINGS when I'm DYING
    I can, however, be expected to write a list about it
  7. not being able to stomach anything more than a few small cups of yogurt throughout the day is the cruelest joke out of this whole thing
  8. but at least now I can waste all my time watching shitty rom coms without fear of being judged
    same goes for bee movie
  9. another bright side is that *hopefully* this will be my annual winter one-time bout of sickness so that I've gotten it out of the way before I go to ✨🎉DISNEY WORLD🎉✨ in January
  10. and finally, the most important part of this journey: being sick has caused a long repressed memory to surface, in which I was out with mono one time in 5th grade the same day as this boy in my class and when I came back to school, my teacher accused us of giving it to each other via ~liplocking~
    wtf 😤