times may vary
  1. 10:00am—just waking up
  2. 10:30am—haha oh shit just waking up again
  3. 12:00pm—arguing with myself that even though I just had breakfast like an hour ago it's lunchtime for everyone else so it's only suitable I eat again
  4. 1:30pm—typical teen activities
    nothing shady I'm just probably watching tv or hanging with friends ok
  5. 3:00pm—mentally preparing myself for work
  6. 4:15pm—getting ready for work last minute
  7. 4:30pm—you guessed it
  8. 9:30pm—praying to the universe that I don't get beat up by men or beamed up by aliens while walking to my car
    the universe has been merciful thus far
  9. 10:00pm—catching up on social media
  10. 11:00pm—transitioning from catching up on social media to some more typical teen activities
    what did I do on my phone for a whole hour
  11. 12:00am—is it really worth it
  12. 12:02am—yes
  13. 12:05am—eating cereal
  14. 1:00am—where the hell is my retainer
  15. 2:00am—li.st
  16. 2:30am—😴😴😴
    fucking finally