1. Using my phone.
    Remember when people used to communicate with each other, instead of...communicating with each other? I like social media, I like games, I like taking pix of things and people. I don't recall ever being on a bus or subway and strangers were gabbing away with each other. Of course, if you want to say hi to me, and have something worth talking about, I'll respond in kind.
  2. Anything I want to do with my hair.
    If I want to grow it, as I am, that's what I'll do. If I want to put it in a bun, I'll do that too (altho I rarely do). If I want it dreaded, spiked, shaved, or regular old short back and sides, it's happening.
  3. Playing loud.
    I love it loud, but also it's how I get my sound. Just like pedals, strings, picks, amps, and of course the guitar, volume is an integral part of rock n roll.
  4. Wearing black jeans
    Worn them since 1987, not stopping. I do own one pair of blue jeans, but so blue, they're basically black.
  5. Play the songs the audience wants to hear.
    You pay good money for tix, babysitters, cabs or parking, food, drinks, and merch. I'm not going to play "Money City Maniacs"?! Of course I am. I can play other stuff I want to play as well. When it comes down to it, getting to play to an audience that is interested is amazing.